Intro to Modern Calligraphy WORKSHOP
Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

 The workshop will be located at a location within the Fredericksburg, Virginia 22401 area! 2 weeks prior to the workshop date, all registered attendees will be messaged with the specific name and address of the location for the workshop. It has already been reserved and finalized, but will not be shared with anyone but the attendees.

Where will the workshop be located?


No matter where you are in your calligraphy journey, this is a GREAT place to be! We will cover calligraphy fundamentals for the beginners and pro’s alike (many calligraphers have learned modern calligraphy with little to no foundational principles - and this will be a great place to learn them!), as well as providing time for practice, which is always great - especially when you have an instructor alongside you to help with any issues you may run into!

I’ve never done calligraphy before. Is this workshop for beginners?


This workshop begins with a lecture+visual style of instruction for 1-hour and then transitions into 1-1.5 hours of alphabet practice. Once attendees have had time to get a grasp of the fundamentals of calligraphy, we end by diving into an end-of-class project for them to complete and take home! Throughout the practice + project portion, I will be available and walking around to assist attendees as they practice, sharing aloud tips and tricks as we go along.

How is the workshop structured?


Unfortunately, all purchased tickets are non-refundable. They are, however, able to be transferred to someone else. If you discover that you are unable to attend and are able to find someone else who desires to attend, please send an email to with the replacement’s full name, email and contact phone #. Hello Love Calligraphy & Design shall not be held liable for any issues that occur during any monetary exchanges and/or transactions that may arise during the exchange of ticket holder status. Transfer requests MUST be completed within 24 hours of the workshop or I will not be able to accommodate them.

I purchased a ticket, but am no longer able to attend. Are tickets non-refundable?


Yes! You will receive an instructional booklet, a calligraphy starter kit, along with a customized notebook and pencil - yours to keep and continue to practice and grow with following the completion of the workshop!

Do we get to keep the supplies we receive during the workshop?


I’m left-handed. Will I be able to learn calligraphy?

So am I! There are definitely some tips and tricks for left-handed calligraphers, which I will cover in the workshop curriculum! Also, let me know if you are left-handed in the registration questionnaire and I will make sure I have some nib holder options for you to test out to see what works best for you (e.g. I use a straight holder, but others prefer a right-handed oblique!).


This workshop specializes in modern, pointed-pen calligraphy (using a pen holder and “nibs”) using Copperplate Calligraphy as it’s instructional foundation. Put in more simple terms, we review and practice the fundamentals of Copperplate calligraphy, and then I teach you how to “break the rules” and create a modernized style of your own!

What type of calligraphy is taught in this workshop?


Simply put, to make this a workshop where attendees are actually taking the time to learn something and put it into practice - for real. I could shorten it and make it simply a practice session, but it would be doing the art of calligraphy a great disservice. In order to be able to effectively go home and continue to practice the CORRECT way with a good foundation to grow, build and continue to learn, the timeframe is one that I believe is essential. I have attended calligraphy workshops in the past, myself, and the time flew by so fast, I was actually sad when I had to leave! I hope the same will be said for my attendees. :)

Why is the workshop 3 hours long?


There are a maximum of 20 seats per workshop. This ensures that I am able to cover the curriculum AND offer a good amount of assistance per individual during the practice portion of the workshop. It’s also not too overwhelming to make new friends so that’s a plus, too!

How many attendees will be present at the workshop?


I have dietary restrictions. Will I be able to partake in the light refreshments?

Upon registering for the workshop, you will be directed to a questionnaire where I will ask a few questions about you to make sure your experience is the best (including asking about any dietary restrictions!). I will do my very best to make sure that you have something to enjoy, as well!