Envelope Addressing

Outer/Inner Envelopes
$2.50 - Outer Envelope
$4.00 - Inner*/Outer Envelope Set
*Inner Envelope - Names Only

RSVP Envelopes
$1.50 - RSVP Envelope (Return Address)
Custom Return Address Stamp - $50*
*We can stamp your return envelopes for an additional $.50/envelope  in addition to the cost of the inkpad.

*Note: Pricing is for matte envelopes & standard black ink. Metallic envelopes and/or custom ink colors will incur a one-time $25.00 fee


Day-Of Stationery & Signage

Place Cards
$1.50ea - Place Cards (Names Only)*
$2.00ea - Escort Cards (Name + Table Numerals)**
*Meal designation can be added for an additional $0.25/card. 
**Using table ‘names’ vs. numerals will be $2.25/card.

Table Numbers
$3.00 - Table Numbers (Numerals)*
*Other designs & layouts are available. Pricing is dependent upon complexity.

Seating Charts
$300.00(+)* - Seating Chart
*Specific pricing depends on amount of guests, layout, size and other factors.

We also offer a variety of other signage options including, but not limited to*:

  • Menu Cards

  • Bar/Buffet Signage

  • Social Media Information

  • Special Event Directions

  • Directional Signs

*Pricing for these items can vary depending on design specifics, materials used, etc. Please contact us with specifics to receive a detailed quote.

Kelseys Shoot-0005.jpg

Spot Calligraphy

If you are working with another stationery designer for custom invitations or other stationery and calligraphy/handlettering elements are desired, we would be happy to provide you with “spot calligraphy” files (i.e. certain words written in calligraphy and digitized so  that you are able to place them into your current invitation design). Pricing for these items vary depending on design complexity, amount of files needed, etc. Please contact us with specifics to receive a detailed quote.

*Stationery design to the left was done by Amanda Day Rose; Hello Love Paper Studio provided the spot calligraphy you see as the 'menu' heading. 

Screen Shot 2019-01-01 at 2.05.55 PM.png

Custom Logo Design

$350(+) - Digitized Logo Design*

*Logo files received will be high resolution JPEG, PNG, & EPS. Final pricing is dependent upon design complexity & desired copyrights & licensing.

Miscellaneous Calligraphy Projects

We are always excited to hear your ideas for calligraphy heirlooms! Please reach out to us with specifics to receive a detailed quote!